What’s the Plural of Aircraft: Understanding Singular and Plural Aviation Terms

  • Aircraft” is used as both the singular and plural form of the noun.
  • An aircraft is any vehicle that can navigate through the air.
  • The term “aircraft” does not change in the plural form, unlike most English nouns.

The word “aircraft” serves as both singular and plural, meaning whether you are referring to one airplane or several, the term remains unchanged. An aircraft is defined as a vehicle capable of flight, which can include airplanes, helicopters, blimps, gliders, and even drones.

What’s the Plural of Aircraft?

Singular and Plural Forms:

  • The singular form is aircraft.
  • The plural form is also aircraft.

Much like other nouns in English that have the same form for both singular and plural, such as “sheep” and “deer,” aircraft remains unchanged when referring to more than one.

Usage in Sentences:

  • Singular: “There is an aircraft in the hangar.”
  • Plural: “Several aircraft are lined up on the airstrip.”

The following tables summarize key points about the usage:

Singular UsageExample Sentence
A singular entityAn aircraft is overhead.
Plural UsageExample Sentence
Multiple entitiesThe airport is busy with many aircraft today.

Examples of Correct Usage:

  • Bulletins often report on aircraft movements.
  • Pilots must be licensed to operate aircraft.
  • Aviation enthusiasts enjoy spotting different types of aircraft.

What’s the Singular of Aircraft?

Let’s break it down:

  • Word Origin: The term aircraft is a compound noun, merging “air” and “craft.” It inherently refers to any vehicle that moves through the sky.
  • Usage: Whether referencing one airplane or several, the word does not change, which can be a source of confusion for many.
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Consider the following examples demonstrating the use of aircraft as a singular noun:

Sentence with aircraft as singularExplanation
An aircraft is scheduled to land soon.Refers to a single flying vehicle.
The aircraft has a sleek design.Describes one airplane.

Using aircraft in these contexts implies a single entity, yet the form does not waiver from its plural counterpart.

  • Singular and Plural: Same word (aircraft) for both.
  • No ‘S’ Added: Unlike many English nouns, aircraft does not take an ‘s’ to become plural.
  • Collective Treatment: Sometimes viewed as a collective noun due to its unchanged plural form.

What’s an Aircraft?

An aircraft is a vehicle capable of atmospheric flight due to its interaction with the air. It operates by countering the force of gravity through either static lift or the dynamic lift of an airfoil, or in a few cases, thrust from jet engines.

While commonly associated with airplanes, the term ‘aircraft’ encompasses a broader range of airborne vehicles including:

  • Helicopters
  • Gliders
  • Blimps
  • Drones

The construction and operation of aircraft fall under aeronautical engineering, a discipline that combines both elements of mechanical and aerospace engineering.

Key Components of Aircraft

WingsProvide lift to keep the aircraft airborne.
FuselageHouses the cockpit, passengers, and cargo.
Propulsion SystemGenerates thrust to propel the aircraft forward.
TailStabilizes and steers the aircraft.

Aircraft have various sizes, shapes, and configurations, but the essential principles that make flight possible remain consistent across these variations.

Types of Aircraft

  • Fixed-wing aircraft: Includes commercial airliners and private planes that use a wing that is fixed in place.
  • Rotary-wing aircraft: Mainly helicopters, which use rotating blades to provide lift and propulsion.
  • Lighter-than-air craft: Like hot air balloons and dirigibles, which rely on buoyancy.
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These types emphasize the diversity within the aeronautics sector, showing that the field of aviation covers a wide array of craft adapted for seemingly every conceivable use above the ground.

Compound Words: Aircraft

Consider the following tables for common compound words and their plural forms:

Singular Compound WordPlural Compound WordNotes
ToothbrushToothbrushesAdd ‘es’ to form the plural
StepchildStepchildrenIrregular plural form
AircraftAircraftRemains unchanged in plural

Below are examples of using “aircraft” in sentences:

  • The aircraft is undergoing maintenance.
  • There are several aircraft in the hangar.

Irregular Plural Nouns that Stay the Same

One such example of these consistent nouns is “aircraft.” Regardless of whether you are referring to a single flying vehicle or multiple, the word remains unaltered. Here are other nouns that follow this pattern:


It’s noteworthy that these nouns can create confusion since their singular and plural forms are identical. When using them in sentences, context is vital to understanding whether one or more entities are implied.

Consider these nouns which also maintain a constant form:

  • deer
  • salmon
  • offspring

Examples of Aircraft in Context

Here are two tables exemplifying sentences with aircraft being used correctly in both singular and plural contexts:

Singular Usage of Aircraft

The aircraft is equipped with the latest navigation systems.Describes one flying machine
An aircraft carrier supports aircraft operations at sea.Refers to a single ship

Plural Usage of Aircraft

Five aircraft were dispatched for the mission.Discusses multiple airplanes
Commercial aircraft have evolved significantly over the years.General statement about airplanes

In everyday language, you might encounter:

  • Commercial pilots discussing the number of aircraft they have flown.
  • A news report on military aircraft being deployed to a conflict zone.
  • Tourism brochures advertising sightseeing tours in aircraft.
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Synonyms for Aircraft

In the field of aviation, various terms are used to describe an aircraft, emphasizing different aspects such as its purpose, design, or propulsion method. These synonyms allow for more precise communication, especially among aviation professionals and enthusiasts.

Commercial and Civil Aviation Synonyms:

  • Airliner: A large aircraft designed for the transportation of passengers.
  • Airplane: A powered flying vehicle with wings and a weight heavier than air.
  • Jet: An aircraft powered by one or more jet engines.
PlaneA common synonym for an aircraft.
AeroplaneMostly used in British English to refer to an airplane.
AirshipA powered aircraft that is lighter than air.

Military Aviation Synonyms:

  • Fighter: A military aircraft designed for air-to-air combat.
  • Bomber: An aircraft designed to attack ground and naval targets by dropping bombs.
  • Helicopter: A type of rotorcraft in which lift and thrust are supplied by one or more horizontal rotors.
DroneAn unmanned aircraft or ship guided by remote control or onboard computers.
GliderAn aircraft that is designed to glide through the air without an engine.
SeaplaneAn aircraft capable of landing and taking off from water.

Origin of the Word Aircraft

The term aircraft is a compound word, comprised of “air” and “craft.” Historical records attribute its first known usage in writing to 1850, where it was employed in reference to balloons. Back then, the concept of flying vehicles was burgeoning, and the terms were naturally adapted from nautical language, reflecting the similarities in navigating through air and water.

1850Referring to balloons
1907Encompassing airplanes

As the field of aviation expanded, “aircraft” began to include airplanes from 1907 onwards. From the 1930s, this term has been almost exclusively associated with airplanes.

The word “craft” in the context of vessels on water typically has a plural form that remains the same as its singular—this is a pattern seen in certain English nouns. “Aircraft,” following this pattern, also does not change in its plural form, despite being countable.


Grammar norms often dictate different rules for pluralization, but “aircraft” is one of those English words that defy regular plural forms, such as “cat” becoming “cats.” The rules of English plurality are riddled with exceptions, and the pluralization of “aircraft” is one such instance where memorization trumps regular patterns.


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