What’s the Past Tense of Choose: Choose, Chose, or Chosen? Understanding Verb Tenses

  • Chose” is the simple past tense of “choose.”
  • Chosen” is the past participle that pairs with auxiliary verbs.
  • Correct use of “chose” and “chosen” is essential for effective communication.

The past participle of “choose” is “chosen,” which requires an auxiliary verb like “have” or “had” for constructing perfect tenses. This form is used to talk about actions that have some connection to the present or when the exact time of the action is not important. The mastery of these forms not only bolsters written communication but also sharpens verbal language skills.

What’s the Past Tense of Choose? Choose, Chose, or Chosen?

The English language often has specific forms for verbs in different tenses. In the case of “choose,” the past forms are “chose” and “chosen.”

Verb Forms of Choose

The verb “choose” has several forms:

  • Base Form: choose
  • Simple Past: chose
  • Past Participle: chosen

Present Tense Examples:

  • I choose
  • You choose
  • He/She/It chooses
  • We choose
  • They choose

What’s the Definition of ‘Choice’?

Choice refers to the act of selecting among options. It is the noun form connected to the verb “choose.”

The Difference Between “Chose” and “Chosen”

Chose is the simple past tense and is used to talk about actions completed at a definite time in the past. Chosen is the past participle used with the helping verbs “has,” “have,” or “had.”

Examples of “Choose” (Present Tense):

  • “I choose to go to bed early.”
  • “She chooses the red dress.”

Examples of “Chose” (Past Tense) in Context:

  • “He chose to study further despite the cost.”
  • “They chose pizza over pasta last night.”
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Examples of “Chosen” (Past Participle) in Context:

  • “She has chosen a new path for her career.”
  • “The winners had been chosen before the announcement.”

Synonyms of “Choose”:

Some synonyms of “choose” include:

  • select
  • elect
  • pick
  • opt for

The Origin of “Choice”:

The word “choice” comes from the Middle English word chois, related to “choose.” Its usage dates back several centuries and is rooted in Old French.


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