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Read the text below. Then complete the tasks that follow.


                Water is important to us. Water supplies electricity to our homes, offices and factories. We use water for drinking, bathing, cooking and washing our dirty clothes.

                We also use water for recreation. Children like to go to water theme parks during holidays. They can swim and play in the water. Farmers use water to irrigate their farms because plants cannot grow without it. Water carries nutrients from the soil to the plants. Plants make our environment beautiful.


(Adapted from National Geographic, Reading Expedition, 2003)


  1. Vocabulary

Use your dictionary to find the meanings of the words below.













  1. Information Transfer

Read the text and transfer the information into the table below.


Paragraph 1

Main idea:

Water is 1 ________________________________




2 ________________________________________

3 ________________________________________



Paragraph 2

Main idea:

We use water 4 ____________________________





5 ________________________________________

6 ________________________________________

Paragraph 3

Main idea:

7 Farmers use water to ______________________




8 ________________________________________

9 ________________________________________







  1. Grammar

Replace the underlined word with the correct pronoun.


  1. Farmers use water to help plants grow.


  1. Nicol and I wash our clothes every day.


  1. Children love playing water slides.


  1. Fatimah gets some water from the river.


  1. The elephant drinks the clean water happily.


  1. Water is very important. Water powers electricity to homes.


  1. Fishermen catch fish in the sea. Then, the fishermen sell it at the market.


  1. The monkey eats the banana. The monkey throws the skin on the ground.


  1. Marina receives a new dress on her birthday. Marina is so happy.


  1. The boy kicks the ball hard and high. The ball goes into the goal.

















  1. Comprehension

Read the text again and circle the best answer.


  1. What will happen if the water supply is cut off?
  1. We will not have electricity
  2. We cannot play water slides
  3. We cannot eat, drink and wash


  1. Which statement is not mentioned in the text?
  1. We can get fish from the water
  2. We can use water for recreation
  3. We can save water for cooking
  4. We can generate electricity from water


  1. Where do children go during holidays?
  1. The Waterfall
  2. The Forest Reserve
  3. Water Theme Parks


  1. Which word in the text means “essential”?
  1. important
  2. pollution
  3. irrigate


  1. What is the best title for this text?
  1. Water and Electricity
  2. Water Theme Park
  3. Water and Its Uses
  4. Water in Firming



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