The Narwhal: A Real-life Unicorn

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We love unicorns, but they are not real animals. We can find unicorns only in fairy tales.

Don’t be sad. There is a real life unicorn here on Earth. It is the narwhal. A narwhal is not a horse with long horn, but a whale!

The narwhal can be found in the waters around Canada and other northern countries. There are not very many of them, so if you see one, you are lucky. They can grow to be five meters long. They are blue-gray with white blotches. They are brown when they are born. Narwhals like to 

swim with their friends, and talk to one another using sound waves, like other whales.

All narwhals have two teeth in their upper jaw. But the male narwhal’s left tooth grow outwards after it is one year old. This tooth twists as it grows. It just grows and grows, and can be up to three metres long. We can call it a tusk. We are not sure what it is used for.Narwhals are amazing animals- and they are real.

Find words from the passage for the meaning below:

  1. having good fortune
  2. without doubts
  3. very long, pointed tooth
  4. very surprising
  5. not imagined
  6. the biggest sea mammals
  7. turns
  8. large discoloured marks

Complete the chart:

The Narwhal

Length up to _____________________ long.

Colour(grown-up)_________________with ________________________(baby)______________________

Live in: waters around _________________ and __________________________

Way of communication:_______________________________

Subject and Predicates:

A sentence has two parts- a subject and a predicate.

The subject tells whom or what the sentence is about. The predicate tells what the subject is or what the subject does.

Example: Many children │love fairy tales.

(subject)               (predicate)

Fill in the blanks with the correct subjects from the list:

The fairy tale



The main character

Our teacher

The unicorn

  1. ____________________told us a fairy tale.
  2. ____________________is called Bruce
  3. ____________________ met a brave unicorn in a forest.
  4. ____________________ is called Anston
  5. ____________________ has a happy ending.
  6. ____________________ all enjoyed listening to this story.

Write predicates to complete the sentences:

  1. My siter___________________________________________________________________
  2. The movie _________________________________________________________________
  3. The theme song _____________________________________________________________
  4. Tim and Matt _______________________________________________________________
  5. The whales__________________________________________________________________
  6. Everyone ___________________________________________________________________

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