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People say that the dog is man’s best friend. But goats are very important, too. In fact, people have kept goats for thousand years- longer than we have kept dogs.

Goats are useful to us in many different ways. We can cut the hair from the goats and spin it into wool. We can make clothing from the wool. One kind of wool made from goat hair is called Cashmere. A Cashmere sweater can be very expensive.

Goats give us milk, just like cows do! Did you know that more people around the world drink goat’s milk than they do cow’s milk? Goat’s milk 

is easier for babies to drink. We make lovely cheese, such as feta, from goat’s milk. Some people put goat’s milk on their skin to keep it soft

In many countries, goat’s meat is eaten instead of beef or pork. We also use goatskin to make gloves and boots. Goatskin leather is very soft.

A female goat is called a doe or nanny. A male goat is is called a buck or billy. Do you know what a baby goat is called? A kid!

With everything goats give to us, we can say that the goat is also our best friend. Don’t you think so?

Sentence Types

All sentences begin with capital letters.

A telling sentence tells about someone or something.  It ends with a period.

An asking sentence asks about someone or something. It ends with a question mark.

A surprising sentence shows a strong feeling. It ends with an exclamation mark.

An imperative sentence tells someone to do or not to do something. It ends with a period. The subject” you “is left out.

Task 1

Add correct punctuation marks at the end of the sentences. Then say to which type these sentences belong.

  1. Cashmere is made from goat hair
  2. Do you like this cashmere sweater
  3. Try it on.
  4. Wow it’s incredibly soft
  5. How much is it
  6. It’s one hundred and fifteen dollars
  7. How expensive
  8. Let’s take a look at the sweaters over there
  9. What are they made of
  10. I will take the blue one

Task 2

Write two example each for the sentence types; one from the passage, and one from outside.

Task 3

Answer the following Questions based on the passage:

         1.How are the goats useful to us?

         2.Do you think the title of the passage is apt? Why?

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