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Subject                         :           English Hour

Age                                 :           10-12 years old pupils

Theme                           :           World of Knowledge

Focus skill                     :           Grammar (Countable and Uncountable Food)

Other skills                   :           Speaking,Reading and Writing

Previous knowledge    :           Pupils have learned about food in Year 3.

Curriculum Specifications:

                                                    2.1.4   Ask questions with the correct intonation

                                                    3.4.2   Read aloud words and phrases pronouncing them correctly.

                                                    4.2.2   Write words and phrases in clear and legible writing

                                                    6.0 (a) 1.1 Countable nouns

                                                               1.2 Uncountable nouns

   Learning outcomes      :  By the end of the lesson the pupils should be able to

                                                1. find 8 out of 10 hidden food from a crossword puzzle correctly.

                                                2. list8 out of 10 food in the right columns correctly.

                                       3. fill in the missing letters in words and answer 8 out of 10 words correctly

                                                4. write the correct form of singular and plural

CCTS                                              : Making associations/connections, listing and writing

Teaching aids                             : Pictures, worksheetsand white board.

Vocabulary                                 : Food

Educational Emphasis             : Thinking skills, multiple intelligence

Moral value(s)                            : 1. Love food
                                                         2. Waste not, want not





Note / Resources * including ICT,

thinking skills, multiple intelligences,

educationalemphases, values

and citizenship

Set Induction

(2 – 3 minutes)


Language game

Hangman Examples of statements :

- Is there a/an _____ in the word?

- Is the word _________ ?


1.The teacher plays a language game with the pupils.

2.  The teacher explains about the game and writes the statements needed for the game on the board.

3.  Pupils try to guess the letters and eventually the word itself.


- Multiple intelligences –

- to attract pupils interest towards the lesson through language games

- Integrating games in lesson to create fun learning.


Step 1



(8 minutes)


1. Introduction to countable and uncountable food.

2. Emphasis on singular and plural form of countable food.


1. The teacher writes the topic of the day on the board.

2.The teacher explains about what is the meaning of countable and uncountable to the pupils.

3. The teacher shows a few pictures to the class and group the pictures according to countable and uncountable food. For countable food the teacher emphasises on its singular and plural form.

4. The teacher asks a few pupils to paste the pictures in the right columns.


- To develop thinking skills.

- To activate pupils’ previous knowledge






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