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Questions 1 – 4

Choose the best word to fill in the blanks.

1          My father’s sister is my _______.

            A         aunt                                         C         sister

            B         uncle                                        D         brother

2          The young of a tiger is called a _______.

            A         cub                                          C         chick   

            B         calf                                          D         puppy

3          Please put the ice-cream into the _______.

            A         oven                                        C         television        

            B         stove                                        D         refrigerator

4          He drives a _______ to work.

            A         car                                           C         ferry

            B         bicycle                                     D         motorcycle


Questions 1 – 4

Choose the best word to fill in the blanks.

1          I had a slice of _______ and a glass of milk for breakfast.

            A         rice                                          C         bread

            B         noodles                                    D         porridge

2          The young of a kangaroo is called a _______.

            A         cub                                          C         joey

            B         calf                                          D         kitten

3          On Sundays, Siti and her friends usually go ________ at the bowling alley.

            A         bowling                                   C         cycling

            B         kite-flying                               D         archery

4          Izam is going to watch his favourite programme on  ________.

            A         radio                                        C         television

            B         stove                                        D         cassette player


Questions 1 – 4

Choose the best word to fill in the blanks.

1          The ______ is eating some vegetables outside my house.

            A         rabbit                                       C         snake

            B         hamster                                    D         monkey

2          My father likes to eat _______ after dinner.

            A         apples                                      C         bananas

            B         oranges                                    D         mangoes

3          Uncle Lim is a ___________ as he flies the aeroplane.

            A         engineer                                   C         mechanic

            B         pilot                                         D         watchman

4          There is a new bus ________ at Jalan Gopeng.

            A         tunnel                                      C         terminal          

            B         hangar                                     D         warehouse


Questions 1 – 4

Choose the best word to fill in the blanks.

1          He uses a pair of ______ to trim the bushes along the fence.

            A         shears                                      C         scissors

            B         spectacles                                D         binoculars

2          Malik is a good ______.He plays the piano well.

            A         pianist                                      C         guitarist

            B         violinist                                   D         drummer

3          Puan Maria always drinks a glass of ______ for breakfast.

            A         soup                                         C         fruit

            B         cereal                                       D         juice

4          The woman is wearing a pink blouse and a black __________.

            A         tie                                            C         skirt

            B         T-shirt                                      D         pants


Questions 1 – 4

Choose the best word to fill in the blanks.

1          The volunteers distributed some _______ to the flood victims.

            A         boxes                                       C         food

            B         stationery                                D         shoes

2          The footballer kicked the ball into the ________ .

            A         basket                                      C         hole

            B         goal                                         D         net

3          The man wanted to know the time but he did not have a ______.

            A         compass                                   C         watch

            B         map                                         D         atlas

4          The trekkers did not see a ______ hiding behind the bushes.

            A         tiger                                         C         buffalo           

            B         deer                                         D         lion


Questions 1 – 4

Choose the best word to fill in the blanks.

1          The workers put the vases in the ______ before sending   

             them to the shops.

            A         boxes                                       C         crates

            B         containers                                D         packets

2          Please be at the _________ by 9.30p.m. The train leaves at 10.15p.m.

            A         jetty                                         C         bus station

            B         airport                                      D         railway station

3          Lokman took the photographs using the new _____his brother bought for him.

            A         generator                                 C         compass

            B         camera                                      D        pen-knife

4          The carpenter used a _______ to cut the planks.

            A         axe                                           C         saw

            B         screwdriver                             D         plier


Questions 1 – 4

Choose the best word to fill in the blanks.

1          The ________ is not friendly so many people do not like to buy their groceries at his shop.

            A         butcher                                                C         fruit seller

            B         fishmonger                                         D         shopkeeper

2          Sarah used a _______ to save all the information she typed in the computer.

            A         diskette                                   C         facsimile

            B         typewriter                                D         paper clips

3          The _______ is the national flower of Malaysia.

            A         orchid                                        C         hibiscus

            B         rose                                           D         jasmine

4          Donkeys bray while bats ______.

            A         hiss                                           C         neigh

            B         squeak                                     D         chatter


Questions 1 – 4

Choose the best word to fill in the blanks.

1          The aeroplanes are kept in the _______.

            A         warehouse                               C         platform

            B         tunnel                                        D         hangar

2          My two brothers look alike. They are ______ .

            A         friends                                      C         twins  

            B         cousins                                    D         classmates

3          The young of an elephant is called a ______.

            A         kid                                           C         kitten

            B         calf                                          D         chick

4          ________ is made from milk and so is butter.

            A         Cheese                                     C         Noodle

            B         Rice                                           D         Jam

SET  9

Questions 1 – 4

Choose the best words to fill in the blanks.

1    My mother goes to the ___________ to buy meat and vegetables.

A   stall

B   office

C   market

D   factory

2    My mother’s mother is my ____________.

A   sister

B   grandson

C   grandfather

D   grandmother

3   A ____________ travels all over the world by plane.

A   pilot

B   sailor

C   teacher

D   fishmonger

4   Madam Leong, our English teacher, uses a marker pen to write on the ____________.

A   billboard

B   keyboard

C   whiteboard

D   blackboard

SET 10

Questions 1 – 4

Choose the best words to fill in the blanks.

1   I bought a ____________ of pencils from the supermarket.

A   box

B   glass

C   carton

D   packet

Shirley went to see the ____________ because she had a stomachache.

A   nurse

B   doctor

C   dentist

D   surgeon

Fani is waiting at the ____________ to take a taxi.

A   bus stop

B   taxi stand

C   traffic lights

D   pedestrian crossing

John is ____________ the paper carefully using a pair of scissors.

A   sorting

B   cutting

C   folding

D   arranging

SET 11

Questions 1 – 4

Choose the best words to fill in the blanks.

1   Zaina likes to ____________ television before she goes to sleep.

A   see

B   look

C   listen

D   watch

2   Bobby plays football with his friends in the ____________.

A   field

B   court

C   garden

D   verandah

3   Kumar wears a ____________ with his school shirt because he is a prefect.

A   tie

B   veil

C   rope

D   scarf

4   I wear a raincoat when it is ____________.

A   windy

B   cloudy

C   raining

D   snowing

SET 12

Questions 1 – 4

Choose the best words to fill in the blanks.

1   The ____________ from Kuala Lumpur to Johor took about three hours.

A   way

B   road

C   event

D   journey

2   My cousin caught some ____________ with a net.

A   cows

B   tigers

C   snake

D   butterflies

3   A donkey brays but a dog ____________.

A   roars

B   barks

C   howls

D   neighs


4   The young of a kangaroo is a joey while the young of a lion is a ____________.

A   kid

B   cub

C   calf

D   kitten

SET 13

Questions 1 – 4

Choose the best words to fill in the blanks.

1    A car goes on a ____________.

       A   road

       B   lines

       C   track

       D   runway

2   The students will ____________ in a drama for the Teachers’ Day celebration in school.

       A   act

       B   play

       C   dance

       D   watch

The following are animals and their homes. Which one is correct ?

       A   Lion - den

       B   Pig - kennel

       C   Snail - stable

       D   Dog - burrow

When brushing your ____________, use a toothbrush with soft bristles.

       A   leg

       B   hair

       C   hand

       D   teeth


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