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Read the text below. Then, complete the tasks that follow:


Would you like to participate in a charity event?

INTI International University College’s Life English Club is organizing a Charity Run from May 19 to May 24.

The event will be endorsed by the Malaysian Run Book of Records.

The registration fee is RM35 per head.

There are also attractive goodie bags for participants.

Proceeds will go to the Old Folks Home and SPA Needs Children Association in Kuala Lumpur.

To register, call 012-789 1791.






  1. Vocabulary

Use a dictionary to find the meaning of the word below.




  1. charity


  1. contribute


  1. goody bags


  1. proceeds


  1. welfare


  1. participants


  1. endorsed














  1. Information transfer

Read the text and transfer the information into the table below.


Theme: 1. ________________________________________________





3. ______________________________________________________________

Date of event

4. ______________________________________________________________

Registration fee

5. ______________________________________________________________

Free offer

6. ______________________________________________________________

Proceeds go to

7. ______________________________________________________________

How to register

8. ______________________________________________________________




  1. Comprehension

Read the text again and circle the best answer.


  1. Who will receive goody bags?
  2.      Participants
  3.     Students
  4.     Children


  1. Who will endorse the event?
  2.      INTI International University College’s Life Saving
  3.      The INTI International University College’s Life Saving and Swimming Club
  4.      The Malaysian Book of Record


  1. Who is organizing the charity event?
  2.      The INTI International University College’s Life Saving and Swimming Club
  3.      INTI International University College’s Life Saving Club
  4.      Children’s Welfare Home Association


  1. How long will the event be held.
  2.      3 days
  3.      4 days
  4.      5 days



  1. How much does a participant have to pay?
  1. RM35
  2. RM70
  3. RM105




Fill in the blanks with “is”, “are” or “will”


  1. The sports ___________held once a year.
  2. They __________ going to take part in the concert.
  3. The winner __________ going to receive an expensive watch.
  4. Many people __________ attend the special education concert to give moral suppportto the special needs children.
  5. Dr Sheikh Mudzafar __________ Malaysia’s first astronaut.
  6. Reporters from TV3 __________ proud to be given the best TV channel award.
  7. We __________ pay RM35 to attend the dinner.
  8. The prizes __________ sponsored by Astro Channel.
  9. They __________ planning to leave for India next Friday.
  10. The school swimming team __________ participates in the contest tomorrow.
  11. Nobody __________ be left behind. Everyone __________ join the trip to Terengganu.
  12. Ana says that she __________ be a doctor when he grows up.
  13. Mr Tan __________ planning to take his students to the dam centre.

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