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Shopping Role Play Activities


Clothing Items Vocabulary

  1. apron
  2. attire
  3. ball gown
  4. baseball cap
  5. bathing suit
  6. bedclothes
  7. bell-bottoms
  8. belt
  9. beret
  10. Bermuda shorts
  11. bikini
  12. blazer
  13. blouse
  14. boot
  15. bow tie
  16. boxer shorts
  17. bra
  18. brassiere
  19. briefs
  20. button-down shirt
  21. camisole
  22. cap
  23. cap and gown
  24. coat
  25. collar
  26. costume
  27. cowboy boots
  28. cowboy hat
  29. cravat
  30. crown
  31. diaper
  32. dinner jacket
  33. dress
  34. evening gown
  35. jacket
  36. nightgown
  37. shirt
  38. formal wear
  39. frock
  40. fur coat
  41. garment
  42. getup
  43. glasses
  44. gloves
  45. gown
  46. handbag
  47. handkerchief
  48. hat
  49. suit
  50. headscarf
  51. high heels
  52. hoodie
  53. hospital gown
  54. housecoat
  55. jacket
  56. jeans
  57. jersey
  58. jumper
  59. jumpsuit
  60. kerchief
  61. knickers
  62. lab coat
  63. leather jacket
  64. leg warmers
  65. leggings
  66. life jacket
  67. long underwear
  68. miniskirt
  69. mittens
  70. muffler
  71. neckerchief
  72. necklace
  73. nightgown
  74. nightshirt
  75. outerwear
  76. outfit
  77. overalls
  78. overcoat
  79. overshirt
  80. pajamas
  81. panama hat
  82. Pants
  83. petticoat
  84. polo shirt
  85. pullover
  86. purse
  87. raincoat
  88. ring
  89. robe
  90. rugby shirt
  91. sandals
  92. sari
  93. scarf
  94. school uniform
  95. shawl
  96. shift
  97. shirt
  98. shoe
  99. shorts
  100. skirt
  101. slippers
  102. sneakers
  103. sock
  104. stockings
  105. suit
  106. sun hat
  107. sunglasses
  108. sweater
  109. sweatpants
  110. sweatshirt
  111. sweat suit
  112. swimsuit
  113. T-shirt
  114. Tie
  115. Tie clip
  116. tights
  117. top
  118. top coat
  119. top hat
  120. trousers
  121. tube top
  122. turban
  123. tweed jacket
  124. umbrella
  125. underclothes
  126. undershirt
  127. underwear
  128. uniform
  129. veil
  130. vest
  131. waistcoat
  132. wear
  133. wedding gown
  134. wetsuit
  135. white tie
  136. wig
  137. windbreaker
  138. woolens
  139. yoke
  140. zipper

Clothing Style Vocabulary

Designer Syle, Preppy Style, Rocker style, Tomboy style, Sophisticated style, casual style, sexy style, street style, artsy style, chic style, Boho style, Bohemian style, Vintage style.


Clothing color combinations:

  • Green and Yellow.
  • Pale Blue and Pink.
  • Red and Blue.
  • Cobalt Blue and Turquoise.
  • Orange and Blue.
  • Tan and Maroon.
  • Orange and Black.
  • Pink and Grey.



At The Clothing Shop


Role A: Shopper
Role B: Clerk

B: Hi! Welcome to the Clothes Shop! Can I help you find anything?

A: Yes, I’m looking for (clothe item) Where do you have them?

B: They are all over there. What (style/color) are you looking for?

A: I am looking for ……………. Do you have anything like that?

B: No, I’m sorry but we’re all out of that. Is there anything else you may like?

A: Yes. Do you have (different clothes item) in (size)?

B: Yes, what color would you like?

A: Do you have (product) in (favorite color)?

B: Yes, how about this one/these?

A: Wonderful! How much is it/are they?

B: It’s/They’re $49.99

A: Can I pay with a MasterCard?

B: Yes, we accept all major credit cards.

A: Excellent, thank you!


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