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Place of English as second or Foreign Language in India

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These days English is taught as the second language as well as a foreign language. Now the place of English is as follows:

  • English is no more the medium of instruction and examinations in India; there are some public schools where the medium of instruction and examinations is English.
  • In Government Schools, at the lower primary stage English is not being taught.
  • In lower secondary and secondary stage there is no uniform policy, in many states English is compulsory but in some states English is optional.
  • It is not a mandatory subject at the graduation level.

The place of English in present days clearly indicates the lack of uniform policy. A quick step must be taken to give English an appropriate place in school curriculum, English should be 
assigned as

  • A linking language
  • An International Language
  • A library language For enrichment of regional languages
  • A language for commissions and conferences

In short, the development of personality is tied to The English language that circulates the person like the concentric circle. Indian Education Commission’s (Kothari Commission), recommendations about The English language, is as follows:  

  • Only one language, which is the regional language, will be taught in lower primary classes (from class 1st to 5th)
  • From class 6th to 7th, two languages will be taught. One of them will be the regional language. The other can be either Hindi or English, a third language can be studied as an optional subject.
  • From class 8rth to 10th three languages formula will be followed. In three languages, one of them will be regional language. The second will be any modern Indian language for non-Hindi speaking students it can be Hindi. The third will be a foreign language for example English. After class 10th, language study will be optional

Characteristics of three languages formula

  • With the application of this method, some students can read English for six years n others can read it only for three years that is from class 7th to 10th but all students have to study English.
  • This formula gives ample scope to those who are interested in this language.
  • This recipe recommends that English should not be taught at the elementary stage that is from class 1st to 5th .Dr. West and many other teachers are of the view that second language should be taught after students develop a good grounding in the mother tongue.
  • Many other teachers have opposed the introduction of English at the primary stage. 
  • It gives appropriate place to both Hindi and regional languages without disturbing the place of English.



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