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Read the passage and answer the questions given below:


Nicol Ann David is the greatest Malaysian squash player. Nicol Ann David was born in Penang on 26 August 1983. She  is the daughter of Ann Marie and Desmond David. Her father was a former state athlete and football player. She has two sisters.

Nicol began playing squash when she was five years old, because her siblings were then playing squash. She received coaching in squash at the age of eight together with her sisters.

Nicol's squash career began in 1992 when she won a silver medal at the National Junior Interstate Championship. Her biggest achievement was the Women's World Junior Squash Championships in 1999 when she beat her opponent, fellow Malaysian Leong Siu Lynn. This success made her the youngest woman to become the World Junior Champion at the age of 15.

Nicol became the first Malaysian and the first Asian woman to be ranked World number 1 squash player in 2006.  Since then Nicol had won many championships and medals, both in local and international tournament. She has won the world title eight times. Nicol was also named the Player of the Year for six consecutive years,  from 2005 till 2010 by the Women’s International Squash Players Association (WISPA ). She was also named the Malaysian Sportswoman of the Year for eight times. She has also been ranked number two in the list of most leading Malaysian women of all time, after Tan Sri Dr Zeti Aziz who leads the list.

In July 2008, Nicol received the prestigious Darjah Setia Pangkuan Negeri from the Penang State GovernorTun Abdul Rahman Abbas, which carries the title “Datuk”.

 Now Datuk Nicol Ann David is a professional squash player in Malaysia. She hoped to include squash in the list of  Olympics events but  she was not successful.

Answer the following statements with a  ( T ) if they are correct and ( F) if they        are  incorrect.


T / F

1.  Nicol’s hometown is Penang.



2.  Desmond David was a national football player



3.  Nicol has three siblings.



4.  Nicol started playing squash because her brother was a player.



5.  Nicol won the world title in 2006.



6.  Nicol started training in squash when she was five years old.



7.  Nicol was not the first Malaysian to win  the World  Championship



8.  Nicol tops the list of leading Malaysian women of all time.



9.  Squash is an Olympics event.



10. Nicol was presented the datukship in 2000.



Answer the following questions.

1. How old was Nicol when she was ranked the World Number 1?

    A. 20                B. 15                C.  23              D.  22

2. Who was Nicol’s opponent in the World Junior Championship?

     Nicol’s opponent was  ________________________ .

3. When did Nicol win the silver medal?

     She won _____________________________________________________ .

4. Find a word in the text that has the same meaning with the word tournament.


5. How many times did she win the world title? ______________.

6. Who bestowed her with the title “Player of the Year”? __________________..

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