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Magician of the Sea

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Age                                            10-12 years old pupils

Theme                                       World of Knowledge

Topic                                          Magician at The Sea

Focused skills                            Reading

Integrated skills                        Speaking and writing

Curriculum specifications       2.3.6 Take part in teacher-guided discussions.

                                                  3.3.3 Read and understand simple paragraphs.

                                                  3.7.1 Read and locate the required words in the dictionary.

                                                3.9.3 Read and give details about the people and animals in the story.

                                                4.1.4 Write words, phrases and sentences in clear and legible writing.

Learning outcomes                       Read and understand a passage

Behavioural objectives                  By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

                                           I.  List out the 6 out of 8 features of an octopus in a graphic organiser.

                                           II. Spell 6 out of 8 features of an octopus correctly.

                                           III. Rearrange 5 out of 7 words correctly.

CCTS: List out the features of an octopus.

Previous knowledge: Based on the previous lesson, pupils have learned  about animals in year 3

Instructional materials: Passage, graphic organiser, worksheet.

Educational emphasis: Vocabulary






Set Induction

3 minutes



Examples of teacher’s questions:

o   I live in the sea.

o   I have many arms.

o   I do not have a backbone.

o   I escape danger by squirting black ink.



o   Pupils are asked a few questions about a riddle.

o   Pupils listen to the questions and try to answer the riddle.

o  Teacher shows a picture of an octopus



o   To attract the pupils interest about the topic.

o  A picture of an octopus.



Step 1

5 minutes



Build up a list of words about an octopus.


Examples of teacher’s questions:

o   Have you seen an octopus before?

o   Where does it live?

o   Can you describe an octopus?




o   Pupils are asked to describe an octopus.

o   Pupils call out parts of an octopus

o   Pupils spell the parts and teacher write the answers on the whiteboard.

o   Teacher gives an explanation to the pupils about an octopus.



o   To activate pupils previous knowledge

o   To develop thinking skills


Step 2

15 minutes


Sentence structure for questions:


o   Did you like the passage?

o   Are there any words in the passage that you do not understand?

o    What do you like most about the octopus?



o   Pupils are given a passage about an octopus entitled ‘Magician at The Sea’.

o   Pupils listen to the teacher reading the passage and follows with correct. Pronunciation and intonation

o   A few pupils take a turn to read a paragraph each.

o   Pupils respond to teacher’s questions and find the meaning of difficult words in the dictionary.


o   To read with correct pronunciation and intonation.

o   To introduce sentence structure for questions and response.

o   To take part in class discussion.

o   Passage.


Step 3

25 minutes


CCTS Activity


- Pupils read about the octopus.

- Complete a graphic organiser in groups.

- Present their work to the class.

- Give opinion on others’ work and accept 

   healthy criticism.   


o   Pupils are divided into six groups.

o   Pupils work in the group to complete a graphic organiser given.

o   Teacher assists the weaker group.

o   Each group display their answers in front of the class.

o   Other groups are encouraged to speak about their friends’ work.



o To encourage discussions among peers.

o To develop self-confident among pupils.

o   Learn how to criticise and accept healthy criticism.

o   Graphic organiser.  



5 minutes


We should appreciate all living creatures and understand that each creature has its way of living.


o   Pupils learn to appreciate all living creature

o   To help pupils realize the importance of all living creature.



o   To help pupils appreciate all living creature.

o   Class discussion.


Enrichment  activities

7 minutes


Enrichment work:

o   Identify, rearrange and rewrite words from the passage correctly with the help of clues given.


o   Pupils are given a worksheet to identify meaning of difficult words from the passage

o   Pupils are encouraged to use their dictionary.



o   Reinforce spelling.

o   Widen pupils’ vocabulary.

o   Enrichment Worksheet.


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