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Hobbies are activities we indulge in during our free time.  Therefore it can be an interesting topic to be discussed in the language classroom as an oral activity.  Different approaches can be taken by the teacher depending on the level of the students.

Activity 1

  1. Introduce the idea 'hobby'.
  2. Get students to brainstorm in groups of four.
  3. Get them to put in paper the output of their brainstorming session. Stress on creativity. Note: The students can present their ideas through drawings, mind-maps and even mere words.
  4. Get the leader of the group or every student in the group to present their ideas to the class.
  5. This activity is carried out so that the students have the necessary input on the topic.


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Mrs. Meena Mohan Das is an elementary school teacher in Malaysia since July1988. She was born in Kluang, a district in the state of Johor. She obtained her certificate in Teacher Training from Mohd Khalid Teacher’s Training College in Johor Bahru, Johor. Her first posting was in Kupang Primary School in Kedah where she taught for six months. Thereafter, she moved to LKTP Felda Kemelah Primary school from 1989 to 1990 and subsequently to Sri Skudai Primary School in December 1990 till present. She has been the Head of the English Language Panel since 1995 in the present school. She has also been a recipient for a Merit Award in 2006 for excellent performance in school.  She obtained her Bachelor of Education in TESL in University Putra Malaysia in 2002. In 2014 she graduated from University Teknologi Malaysia with Masters in Teaching of English as a Second Language.  The research topics done are “Use Of Mind-Mapping and Flashcards in Vocabulary Development among Year 5 Students” and “Process Writing to Enhance Writing Abilities among Year 5 Students”. She has co-authored a journal with Dr Shanthi Sandaran on “The Importance of Vocabulary Development for English Language Teaching and Learning: The Malaysian ESL Context”. 

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