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Definition of Hyperbole

Hyperbole, a Greek word and is composed of two root words: “hyper” meaning “over” and “bole” meaning “to throw.” So “hyperbole” means “over throw” It is a figure of speech and tends to overstate a point.  It involves an exaggeration of ideas, made just to make emphasis. It is a tool that we usein our day-to-day speech.For example, when you meet a friend after a long time, youmay say, “Ages have passed since I last met.”

Other examples:

  • My grandfather is as old as the hills.
  • Your school bag weighs a ton!
  • My friendis as heavy as an elephant!
  • I am dying of shame.
  • I am trying to solve a million issues in school.

It is crucial not to confuse hyperbole with simile and metaphor. Hyperbole does make a comparison but unlike simile and metaphor, hyperbole has a humorous effect,which is created by an overstatement.

However, in literary works, it hasfar-reaching effects. By using hyperbole, a writer or a poet makes common human feelings outstandingand intense to such an extent that they do not remain ordinary. In literature, usage of hyperbole develops contrasts. When one thing is described with an over-statement, and the other thing isnormallypresented, a striking contrastis developed. Literary writers use this technique to catch the reader’s attention.

From Joseph Conrad’s novel “The Heart of Darkness”,

“I had to wait in the station for ten days-an eternity.”

Meaning:  The ten dayswait in the station seemed a lifetime wait, for it seemed a never ending wait.


  1. I sat for the easiest examination in the world.
  2. My mother is non-stop working.
  3. Angie has thousands of suits in her wardrobe.
  4. My friend, Lily has been teaching in this school since the Stone Age.
  5. The hero’s acting in the movie was so good that I’ve seen the movie at least two thousand times.
  6. This newpair of shoes is killing me.
  7. She will only complete her work inChristmas.
  8. My brother, a mechanic, knows everything about machinery.
  9. Futsal is the only game that ever mattered to him in his life.
  10. My mom is going to stand on pins and needles.
  11. Everyone knows that.
  12. My friend, Lalit never stops talking.
  13. You are the greatest person in the world.
  14. The children tried everything that they could to do well.

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