An Accident

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Match the phrases and rewrite the paragraphs

Paragraph 1


Harry is seventeen years old and he





he likes  to play computer games. His ambition is to be a professional player.


During his free time,


studies at Applied Secondary





his two good friends, Jamil and Ravi follow him to his house to play computer games with him.

Paragraph 2


Jamil and Ravi





are Harry’s classmates.




have been friends since Standard One.


Their families


are close friends.

Paragraph 3


One day, Harry, Jamil and Ravi were





when suddenly, they saw a girl  running  across the road.


They were near  the post office ,not far from their school,


there was a car heading  towards at great speed on that road.


At the same time,


walking home after school.

Paragraph 4


The driver of the car quickly








a lamp post.


There was


swerved to the side of the road.


The car knocked into


around the damaged car.


The windscreen of the car


a loud bang.


Many people gathered


was crying and hugging the girl.



A lady, probably, the girl’s mother


shattered and the pieces of glass were scattered on the road.


Paragraph 5


Someone in the crowd telephoned







the ambulance and the police.


Very soon, the ambulance


a traffic jam along the road.


The driver of the car was


and the police arrived at the scene.


The ambulance brought


injured and he was bleeding profusely.


The accident caused


the driver to the hospital.


Rewrite the  paragraphs









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