A Dream

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A Dream

Paragraph 1


Jane is seventeen years old and she is





she goes for English tuition at Jaya Tuition Centre.


Every Wednesday night,

studying at Alam Secondary School.


Usually, her friend, Jenny


follows her back home after tuition as their houses are just a stone’s throw away from each other.


Paragraph 2


Last Wednesday,






had to walk back home alone. She was  a little scared.


Jane’s class ended at ten o’clock at night and she


the road leading to Jane’s house was quiet and deserted.


On that day,


Jenny did not go for tuition because she was sick.

All the shops were closed and  


the street was dimly lit.


Paragraph 3


Suddenly, a van







rushed towards her.


Two huge and strong looking men


warned her to keep quiet.


They grabbed Jane and forced


 very frightened.


They threatened her with a knife and


stopped in front of Jane.


Jane was


her into the van which then sped off. Jane kicked and struggled.


Paragraph 4


The van soon stopped






out of the van.


The men forced Jane


Jane struggled free and ran. The men chased after her.


As one of them was closing the door of the van,


in front of an abandoned house.


Jane shouted loudly so that


someone would hear her.


Paragraph 5


Suddenly, someone tapped






sitting on the bed next to her.


She opened her eyes and 


On Jane's shoulder.


Her mother was


was safe at home and it was just a bad dream.


Jane was glad that she


saw her father waking her up.



Rewrite the paragraphs









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Mrs. Meena Mohan Das is an elementary school teacher in Malaysia since July1988. She was born in Kluang, a district in the state of Johor. She obtained her certificate in Teacher Training from Mohd Khalid Teacher’s Training College in Johor Bahru, Johor. Her first posting was in Kupang Primary School in Kedah where she taught for six months. Thereafter, she moved to LKTP Felda Kemelah Primary school from 1989 to 1990 and subsequently to Sri Skudai Primary School in December 1990 till present. She has been the Head of the English Language Panel since 1995 in the present school. She has also been a recipient for a Merit Award in 2006 for excellent performance in school.  She obtained her Bachelor of Education in TESL in University Putra Malaysia in 2002. In 2014 she graduated from University Teknologi Malaysia with Masters in Teaching of English as a Second Language.  The research topics done are “Use Of Mind-Mapping and Flashcards in Vocabulary Development among Year 5 Students” and “Process Writing to Enhance Writing Abilities among Year 5 Students”. She has co-authored a journal with Dr Shanthi Sandaran on “The Importance of Vocabulary Development for English Language Teaching and Learning: The Malaysian ESL Context”. 

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