About English Teacher Site

Started as a virtual network of English language teachers around the world in the social media, International Association of English Language Teachers (IAELT) has now become a true society of English teachers with around 125K supporters around the world who care, share and support each other professionally.

Founded in 2011 by Noble Augustine (Canada), Sripriya Manuel (India), the association has many other top associates from different parts of the world, who hold offices in the day-to-day group concerns are immensely involved in the onward journey of this teaching mission.

IAELT association has twofold major initiatives in its continuous operation for teacher development: Groups/pages in major social media sites, and its independent official website. The links to IAELT's social media forums are given below:

Website Editors

Noble Augustine

Sripriya Manuel

In this connection, we also acknowledge our indebtedness to all active members who supported the group and the page at every stage of its growth. We thank all good hearts who have supported us in actualizing the website and contributing the resources. We thank our Facebook followers and group members who gave us the primary inspiration and strength to launch the website. We are grateful for their continuous appreciations that have been energizing our selfless academic services throughout. We dedicate our website to the fans and learners of English language, and teachers and learners of English language from all countries.

We have English teachers of almost all countries in the world as our supporters and audience. So our vision for the future is to actualize a real organization of teachers of English language that works at an international level- for developing and promoting the teaching community by conducting academic seminars, workshops, training, and various other programs and we will uphold our values to foster English language education across the globe.

Our mission behind the website is two-fold: help the teachers, and guide the learners. Our various resources belonging to different topics are meant to serve this purpose. If our resources already given here do not meet their needs, they can always freely contact us by sending us their questions. And we always welcome suggestions from visitors and well-wishers.

Our Logo

Our logo combines a computer screen, a globe, an open book and five stars.

Each one symbolizes a meaning. The computer screen represents the postmodern technology in teaching, learning and sharing knowledge, and the Internet itself, that functions as a medium for these purposes. The open book symbolizes the teaching and the teacher’s openness in the transference of knowledge that would make their profession all the more appealing worldwide. The five stars denote the quality we aim to achieve and the vision we wish to accomplish, yes it is a journey towards perfection.

Teach, Learn, and Share

Our slogan is "teach, learn and share". What we try to teach here is language and the methods of teaching it, the knowledge we share today to others are results of our learning, from our teachers, books, and our various sources and experiences. Our slogan is our message to the world. We are promoting the teaching of the language, learning of the language and sharing of the knowledge of the language. We hope this space will fruitfully fulfill this mission of ours.

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